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Some people say that each cell in your body replaces itself after seven years. At the end of the seven years, you are a physically and mentally new person. “seven years” is Alyssa Harmon’s debut collection of poems on heartbreak and healing. Each chapter represents a new stage in the relationship and healing process, and these poems tell the story of a failed relationship and the healing journey that resulted because of that. If your heart was broken in a way that you’re not sure can be healed, this book is for you.

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This poetry book is an excellent collection. It spans over seven years in the healing process after heartbreak. While the themes deal with a failed relationship, I also feel that the poems can apply to loss or the hurdles one faces, though this may not be the intended motivation behind these works. Poetry is so personal and may be interpreted in different ways.

Many poems have intriguing titles inviting you to read them (e.g., kalopsia, calidris, and lacheism.) Others have more straight-forward titles, such as “a halloween nightmare,” and provide interesting stories, some of which I connected with quite a bit.

I recommend looking into the poetry collection, especially if the synopsis calls out to you. You may find it best to read this with a cup of tea and tissues by your side. I also recommend tabbing your kindle e-book or physical copy as you go along for future reference.

Thank you to BookSirens and Alyssa Harmon for a review copy. All opinions are my own.

Content Warnings


  • Heartbreak
  • Self Empowerment
  • Relationships

Favourite Part

My favourite poems were:

  • fortune teller
  • monophobia
  • mirrors
  • lacheism
  • the doctor’s office
  • you can’t relight a used match.


  • Emotional
  • Hopeful
  • Reflective

My Ratings:

Writing Style: 3.75
Originality: 3.5
Engagingness: 4
Insightfulness: 4
Comprehensiveness: 4
Impactfulness: 3.75

Overall Rating

Numerical Rating: 4 stars

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7 thoughts on “Review | seven years: poems on heartbreak and healing

  1. Poetry books aren’t something I would normally choose to read but I picked one up at work a few months ago (it was an MG story in verse) and I found it both engaging and moving.

  2. I love the concept of this, and while I typically don’t tend to read books written in verse, I do enjoy the ones I pick up! Loved this!! <3

  3. I’ve heard that some of our cells do replace themselves every 7 years and often when this happens some of the things we had been allergic to we no longer are (e.g. pollen). This sounds like a lovely book – I only wish I’d studies poetry in school. Thanks for sharing your helpful review.
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