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General Update

We have been enjoying the weather! Especially for gardening. The catnip is growing, the succulents are propagating, and the herbs are flourishing. We’ve had some alternating days of rain and heat both of which are essential for the garden. We cleaned our AC unit and it’s effective and chills our apartment down quickly.

And I’m very much enjoying reading and blogging again! If it’s your first time here, let me know in the chat below. We review a pretty wide variety of books. And we especially love any books about cats.

Olivia Update

My cat Olivia and I have been enjoying spending time on the catio. We go outside together in the evenings so I can water the plants and read while she lounges under the outdoor table. However, several nights ago our peaceful evening was interrupted when I noticed a wasp near us by the outdoor sofa. I have a fear of wasps that stems from a painful experience in high school when I stumbled onto a wasp nest while hiking with friends. Although I tried my best not to panic, I calmly brought Olivia inside. It wasn’t until we were safely indoors that I could relax and breathe again!

Reading Update

Currently Reading

Looks like I’m in the mood to read fantasy this week!


I would like to express my gratitude to Penguin Random House for providing me with a physical copy of “The Isles of the Gods” for review purposes. Additionally, I would like to thank Libro.FM for granting me early access to the audiobook version of “House of Odysseus”. Finally, I am grateful to both Legend Press and Libro.FM for providing me with review copies of “The London Séance Society”.

Watching Update

Currently Watching

I’ve been absolutely loving Wimbledon this year! So many of my favourite players are still in the tournament, but I’m especially rooting for Jabeur and Rybakina on the women’s side. I’m really excited about the upcoming Berrettini vs Alcaraz match and honestly, I’m rooting for both players! I have a feeling it’s going to be an amazing game.

I’m currently watching and loving Schitt’s Creek for the first time. The writing of the show is incredibly witty and clever – I can’t get enough! The characters are so endearing, and it’s entertaining to see them adapt to their new lives in the town. The acting in the show is outstanding, particularly Dan Levy’s dialogue delivery and facial expressions!

Thank you to the internet for all of the SC memes. They’re just the cherry on top of this hilarious series.

Ew, David!

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  • WWW Wednesdays
  • I may partake in Top Ten Tuesdays and write a review for The Isles of the Gods

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21 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #17

  1. Your garden sounds so nice! I am glad your weather is cooperating. I am glad you and Olivia got in safely after spotting the wasp! I haven’t had a traumatic experience involving wasps, but I still would probably have hurried inside too.

    I hope you are enjoying your reading! I enjoyed The London Séance Society, even though I felt it had a slow start. I haven’t read the other two, but The House of Odysseus sounds like something I might enjoy.

    Have a great week, Sara!
    Literary Feline recently posted…Weekly Mews: A Week of Magic and Mystery and Welcome GuestsMy Profile

  2. I’ve been stung a bunch of times but the worst was when I went hiking and disturbed a wasp nest. Didn’t know before hand that they can have nests in the ground, but yeah, it wasn’t fun being stung a bunch of times. I can understand why you’d be a little panicky. Nice to hear you and Olivia are enjoying the outdoors otherwise.

    I love Schitt’s Creek! I’ve watched it through a couple of times. Enjoy!
    Rachel @Waves of Fiction recently posted…Sunday Post #213My Profile

  3. I think your past experience with wasps definitely justifies some residual fear. So glad you and Olivia made it back inside safely and hope you get to enjoy your evenings again wasp-free.

  4. I’m glad the weather has been pleasant where you are and helpful for gardening, Sara! But the wasp incident is definitely no fun—I have a pretty solid phobia of bugs too, and I would likely have had a very similar reaction. It looks like you’ve got some exciting books lined up for the week, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying Wimbledon and Schitt’s Creek as well! Thanks so much for the wonderful post, and enjoy your week!
    Max @ Completely Full Bookshelf recently posted…MMGM and #IMWAYR: Lucy in the Sky, Best Friends, and more!My Profile

  5. I’m also excited to see how the Berrettini vs Alcaraz match plays out!! Olivia is so adorable <3
    Glad you escaped the wasps (they terrify me) and I hope you enjoy your reading!!

  6. Awww. Olivia is so pretty. I’ve got two kitties myself. I hope you were able to find out whether or not there was a wasp nest close by your catio. Yikes. Wasps are the worst.
    Those fantasy books have great covers. I’ll have to check them out.
    Heather recently posted…Happy 4th!My Profile

  7. Pass along the worth of compassion to our youngsters. Not compassion, but rather sympathy — the capacity to remain from another person’s point of view; to check the world through their eyes out.

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