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Olivia Update 🐾

Olivia’s had a great week. She was eagerly awaiting and preparing for the arrival of one of our close friends who she hasn’t seen in about a year or so! He used to cat-sit for my partner and I and so they are good friends.

We have also given Olivia a bib-trim. Her mane was getting a little bit too long and was starting to cause a bit of trouble while eating and drinking. Now that she’s had the trim, it’s a bit easier for her. And I’m sure it may help with cooling her down during the hot summer.

Life Update

I am recovering right now from a back injury so today’s update will be short.

In better news, we’ve started a TikTok! Let me know your thoughts – I may try to do mini reviews and share them here when I upload my ARC reviews. I like this challenge because it gives me an opportunity to enhance my verbal review skills.

Reading Update

Linking you to my Friday Reads post for the books Olivia and I have read this week. We finished reading 8 books. With my back injury, it’s been nice to cuddle with her and get some reading in.

We’re still working through Lore and The Nine: Origins. Unfortunately, there have been a few issues with The Nine: Origins I’ve encountered – perhaps it would have benefitted from more feedback from others with different experiences. Of course, I’ll share my honest opinions when I’ve finished but may review this as part of my August wrap up instead of a full feature post.

We are in a bit of a sticky situation right now – from our Libby app, we’ve signed out The Family Remains – one of our most anticipated reads of the year! But we have SO many books to read, so perhaps we’ll read this next month. But gosh, we’re so excited to read it.

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QOTD: Do you have a Kindle?
We’ve been thinking about getting one!

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #8

  1. Hope the bib trim makes Olivia more comfortable! It’s been a hot Summer, right? Can’t wait until Fall! I end up getting library copies and then have to squeeze them in between review books, too. I over extended myself with review books this month. I’m trying to catch up. Back injuries are so tough! I hope you feel better soon, Sara!
    Rachel @Waves of Fiction recently posted…Sunday Post #173My Profile

  2. My cat Eddy was a long-haired cat and his mane was always getting in the way so we’d have to trim him as well. In the last few years of Dax’s life, she had trouble cleaning herself so we’d trim her too. 🙂 Sometimes, I wonder how cats survive in the wild without us.

    Congrats on the TikTok! I haven’t succumbed to TikTok yet, but my husband’s always trying to get me on there. Maybe, I’ll get an account just to follow you and Olivia. 😀

    I hope you continue to heal well and that you have a great week!
    Jenni Elyse recently posted…Sunday Post #32My Profile

  3. I was so proud of the million views of my blog, after fourteen years, and then my niece showed me her 10 second TikTok video that has been out for a few weeks and has a million views. Sigh. Have fun with TikTok. A lot of people love it.

    It’s a conundrum with reading books…finish the ones you are working on or stop and read a fancy new arrival? I go with fancy new arrival sometimes.

    Have a great week.
    Deb Nance at Readerbuzz recently posted…The Sunday Salon: Don’t Forget to Apply to Be a Cybils JudgeMy Profile

  4. I’m sorry that you’re laid up but I’m glad you’ve gotten some great reading in. I’ve been advised by several I know in the tech security world not to venture onto TikTok so I have not done so. I love my kindle and with Netgalley I can download books so easily to it. I also have a Kobo as this is the only device I can use for Canadian library ebooks without having to use a computer. Have a wonderful week ahead and I hope that back gets better!
    Jodie recently posted…The Sunday Post #20: Walking in the SunshineMy Profile

    1. Ugh, that sounds so good! The only issue I have with the Kindle is that I like to colour code my highlights – and I don’t know if you can do that with a kindle reader?
      Yes, definitely important to have security features!
      Thanks so much, and have a great week ahead!
      sarasreadingnook recently posted…REVIEW | A Treacherous TaleMy Profile

  5. I hope you feel better soon and recover from your back injury. Olivia is adorable as always! I have not ventured to Tik Tok, as I spend too much time on Social media as it is.
    Wendy recently posted…Sunday Post #53My Profile

  6. So sorry to hear about your back – but at least it gave you some reading time, so there is a little silver lining to that cloud! Lore looks very intriguing, and the cover is amazing. That is the only thing I miss about no longer reading physical books – no pretty covers to stroke!

    I DO have a kindle paperwhite and love it – it’s a few years old now but if/when it dies I will most definitely buy another to replace it. I can read at night without needing a light, change the font size and typeface, add notes and highlights easily, look up words and events and even translate passages written in other languages.
    Louise Hallett recently posted…Sunday Wrap-Up ~~ 2022 Week #34 With Love From WalesMy Profile

  7. I hope your back is better soon! I had my first backache a few months ago. I just twisted wrong and was out of work for a week. It still hurts if I do too much bending.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your back injury, Sara! I hope you feel better soon. It’s fun that Olivia was reunited with an old friend and got a fur trim, though! And I’m sorry to hear that The Nine: Origins was a disappointing read—I just saw your thoughts on Goodreads, and it seems like a messy read (which some books definitely are!). Thanks so much for the wonderful post!
    Max @ Completely Full Bookshelf recently posted…#IMWAYR: Bitter by Akwaeke EmeziMy Profile

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon! Lore looks so good- such an amazing cover and I keep thinking I’ll read it, but haven’t yet.

    Good luck with TikTok- I haven’t tried that yet lol!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #466My Profile

  10. Hope your back will feel better soon! Good luck with Tik Tok – I followed you though I don’t have any videos myself… I don’t have a Kindle, but I’ve been thinking about getting one too. For now, I use the Kindle app on my phone.

  11. I hope you feel better soon. Back injuries suck and are so painful. Sending all the positive and healing vibes your way! I love to scroll tiktok but I don’t know that I could ever start one but that’s awesome that you did. I’m way too self conscious!
    Leslie @ Books Are The New Black recently posted…W.W.W. 8/24/22My Profile

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