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Olivia Update 🐾

Olivia has been doing very well – such a big appetite and lots of books to read! And we did read two cat books which she and I absolutely loved (more below).

Last night, however, Olivia became quite concerned – somehow, a moth flew into our apartment! Olivia was not impressed. Whatsoever. In fact, it made her so anxious that she was yelling at this moth for quite some time. In an attempt to assist her, we were about to evacuate said moth; however, by the time we went to the lamp where it was situated, the moth had already flown away, nowhere to be found. Because Olivia is terrified of insects (as am I), we snuggled for quite some time afterwards, consoling both her and I. The location of the moth is still unknown, but we’d like to think it happily flew away sometime last evening or this morning. Now our Olivia is all settled – with a little bit of extra catnip to pep her step.

Life Update

A few highlights:

  • My partner and I went for a long walk a few days ago and found a really cool area in the city nearby that we had not visited before! There were lots of stores and even a new bistro that we will visit in the future.
  • We finished Netflix: Keep Breathing. Although I did enjoy some episodes, overall I would rate it around a 6/10. I enjoyed: the survival aspect, the main character, and how the story was revealed. Being from Northern British Columbia, I liked that this was filmed BC and gave an insight into the beauty we are fortunate to be surrounded by in Canada. I did not enjoy: the constant flashbacks, some plot and emotional mechanics used, the romantic element, and some of the overall plot points. I would recommend giving the first 2-3 episodes a shot, and if you like them, it gives a pretty clear indication if you may enjoy the rest of the show. I will say I thought that Yellowjackets was my favourite survival-type show watched this year (also filmed in BC).

Keep Breathing Trailer:

Yellowjackets Trailer:

Reading Update

We are doing the ARCathon, hosted by Marti and Britt! And we are reading our TBR game picks, which overlap. Our NetGalley feedback ratio is something we have been working on and we are happy to say it is currently at 94%.

In general, we’re very conservative with requests, opting to read and review many “read now” titles that we simply don’t want to wait for and get to reading them immediately! We have found so many amazing books this way. Although sometimes the request bug does bite, too!

We currently have two requests pending. A book we’ve requested is A Cat Cafe Christmas – if we receive an eGalley, Olivia and I will be so happy! But we will also happily request from the library if it doesn’t come our way – it looks absolutely purrfect! And I’d love to give our insight from a feline and cat lover purr-spective.

The second book we’ve requested is Hungry Ghost by Victoria Ying. It is a YA graphic novel, and it just looks and sounds stunning. It discusses difficult topics, such as disordered eating and mental health. Again, I will need to read this book, regardless of my pending request – very much looking forward to reading and reviewing this one.

Recently Finished

We’ve finished several books this week from NetGalley (see below, thank you to NetGalley for providing review copies). I will discuss these more in future reviews and/or wrap ups; however I do want to say that the manga for Anne of Green Gables, Baker And Tale and the Mystery Cats, A Treacherous Tale, and The Ghosts of Rose Hill were just great! You can see reviews for Anne of Green Gables and The Ghosts of Rose Hill below.

Currently Reading:

We are enjoying and finishing The Kindest Lie tonight and continuing Lore forward!

This Week on the Blog

Next Week on the Blog

  • Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Love That Were Written Over Ten Years Ago
  • Reviews for The Kindest Lie
  • Review for Lore
  • Stacking the Shelves/Sunday Post/Sunday Salon

QOTD: Did you have a good weekend? Let us know!

27 thoughts on “The Sunday post #7

  1. My Izzy is the same way as Olivia. We have to kill the insect or she won’t settle down and will yell at it for hours. I’m glad you and Olivia are doing better and, hopefully, the moth has left the building. 😀
    Jenni Elyse recently posted…Bout of Books 35 ProgressMy Profile

  2. A Cat Cafe Christmas does look purrrfect! I agree and so do my Theo and Josie 😻. My cats love to chase moths, bees, and any insects. The only thing that has ever freaked them out was the hummingbird who came in for a visit. Have a great week!

  3. I’m not too bothered by moths – at least until they start to dive bomb around my head and then I’m less keen! However, I do object to spiders who (a) have the cheek to come into my house in the first place and then (b) run and hide somewhere before I can put a glass over them.
    I’m glad Olivia enjoyed the cat books, and it looks like you have some more good books to read together.
    Louise Hallett recently posted…#BookReview #Demons&Witches #PNR #NadineNightingaleMy Profile

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about the moth bothering you and Olivia! I am solidly afraid of bugs myself, so I can very much relate to your reaction, but I’m glad to hear it seems to be gone. Also, it’s wonderful that you’ve been enjoying so many books on NetGalley! I made note of Hungry Ghost—it looks like an incredible story, and I’ve enjoyed two other graphic novels by Victoria Ying, City of Secrets and City of Illusion. Thanks so much for the wonderful post, Sara, and enjoy your reading this week!
    Max @ Completely Full Bookshelf recently posted…MMGM and #IMWAYR: Huda F Are You? by Huda FahmyMy Profile

  5. Aww poor Olivia- we had a ladybug get in and it was flying all over- my cats had a field day with that! Chasing it all over the house. I was pulling for the ladybug myself ha ha as I think they’re cute. It might still be around here somewhere!

    Oh my gosh Yellowjackets- I just finished it- that show is a trip lol!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #465My Profile

  6. My Netgalley ratio is always in the 90s because even though I request a lot I also read a lot and I don’t request books I’m not going to read generally. Where I run behind is on cooking or craft books because I try to make something from them before I review and that takes time. How nice that you found a new area to explore.
    Anne – Books of My Heart recently posted…🎧Dance with the Devil by Kit RochaMy Profile

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